Atos Markets Trading

Join today the thriving community with thousands of Atos Markets traders, and use all the trading resources to start earning profits on your way to financial independence.

Trading History

Get a quick overview of your trading history, including deep insight into your trading wins and losses. With the help of an at-a-glance trading summary, you can easily track your trades. Atos Markets gives you a detailed look into the trading breakdowns for different markets and even filter by individual trades. You also have the freedom to use critical metrics like win rate, return rate, and profit or loss ratio to examine your trading history.

P&L Summary

With Atos Markets, you can also gain access to a transparent summary of accumulated returns from your closed trades, including any fees included and adjustments. A clear breakdown of your total returns on trades is also provided. P&L Summary also allows you to see the cost of adjustments like borrowing and dividends and overnight funding. Besides, you can access the gross exposure of all positions you have held and closed. You can assess your profits and losses using different timeframes. More importantly, you can review your positions from different periods, either weekly or monthly.

Trading Diagnosis

Determine your trading faults and learn how best to avoid them moving forward. Get the best pointers based on your newly closed trades. Make good use of suggested steps personalized to your trading trends to avoid making future slip-ups. Get tailored trading fills in through in-platform messages or via email. Explore Atos Markets' general trading tools and recommendations to help simplify your trading.

Trading Education

Optimize your trading by watching strategic and educational videos directly in the tool. Locate informative videos on how to improve your trading experience and steer clear of common trading mistakes. Explore additional educational content tailored to ensure you make the most out of your trading activity. Make good use of strategy webinars and articles, and try out Atos Markets' interactive online courses provided on the Atos Markets website. At Atos Markets, we are always bringing in fresh content to help enhance your trading experience.

Start Building Your Trading Strategy with Atos Markets Today

There are different trading styles you will come across when trading in financial markets. You might also notice that your success while using one trading strategy might not work with someone else’s.

Ultimately, you need to decide which trading strategy serves you best. Some crucial factors to bear in mind include your lifestyle and available resources and personality type. The following are some of the popular trading strategies that might inspire you to try something new or improve your current trading strategy.

Marketing Strategy
Target success
Consumer increase
Marketing campaigns

Essential Resources to Help you Start Your Trading Journey

At Atos Markets, we have invested in several resources to ensure we deliver the right balance of personal support and educational tools to help you trade successfully.

  • Personal services: A dedicated account manager will be available to help you as you start your trading journey with Atos Markets.
  • Friendly, expert resources: You can easily locate answers regarding general account queries through our on-site answers bank.
  • Easy to contact: We have a friendly support team that is always ready and willing to help you through live chat, email, and phone.
  • In-platform Atos Markets support: Live Reuters, reliable buy and sell signals and expert analysis.
  • ATOS Markets Academy: An engaging resource to make sure you enhance your trading skills over time.
  • ATOS Markets Community: Get to connect with like-minded folks and share opportunities, advice, and ideas online.
  • Demo account: Take advantage of trial trading strategies without spending anything, permanent demo.
  • Risk-managements tools: Put an end to your losses with free-to-place alerts.
  • Best execution: When executing trades on your behalf, we consistently aim for the best outcome.