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Day Trading Strategy

Day trading is probably the most common active trading style globally. In fact, it is usually regarded as a pseudonym for active trading itself. Just as the name suggests, day trading refers to a trading strategy where traders buy and sell securities within the same day. Conventionally, this activity was only done by professional traders. Nevertheless, electronic trading has made it possible for novice traders to try out their luck.

Position Trading Strategy

Some individuals consider position trading strategy as a buy-and-hold strategy and that it’s different from active trading. However, when position trading is done by an experienced trader, it can be perceived as a form of active trading. This type of trading usually uses long-term charts, ranging from daily to monthly. Other methods are also used to determine the market direction trends.

Swing Trading Strategy

When a market trend breaks, swing traders take advantage of the moment to get into the game. Usually, the end of a trend is where there is some form of price volatility just before a new trend takes shape. Swing traders jump in to buy or sell at this point. In most cases, swing trades are held for over 24 hours but for a shorter period compared to trend trades. Investors in swing trades usually create specific rules based on fundamental or technical analysis that Atos Markets provide.

Scalping Strategy

Scalping trading strategy is one of the fastest techniques employed by active traders. The strategy entails taking advantage of different price gaps caused by order flows and bid-ask spreads. Scalping generally works by purchasing at the bid price and offering to sell at the ask price to benefit from the difference between the two prices.

Develop Your Profitable Trading Strategy with Atos Markets

Atos Markets will help you to determine the best active trading methods. Each of the recommended trading strategies is suited to different market environments. The Atos Markets extensive platform provides you with all the necessary tools, videos, tutorials, and a vast knowledge base that ensures you settle for the best trading strategy that suits you. More importantly, you can optimize the chosen strategy over time as you gain more trading experience.

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  • Money Management: Before you start investing, decide how much you are ready to risk. It’s important to prepare yourself to make losses along the way, especially if you want to enjoy the ride when winnings start rolling in.
  • Time management: Allocating an hour or two every day to trading will not guarantee that you make the fortune you are after. You need to be always on the lookout for the market trends and take advantage of potential trading opportunities.
  • Education: Equipping yourself with information about the market basics is not enough. You need to stay updated with market events and real-time news. Atos Markets provides you with all the information you need through their wide array of resources.
  • Consistency: It’s not easy to keep your emotions in check. However, the Atos Markets expert assistance and math logic will guide your strategy.