Atos Markets provides access to a wide range of powerful reporting tools that are used by thousands of traders to monitor markets and portfolio performance in real time and make educated, up-to-date trading decisions.

Economic Calendar Reports

Staying up to date with the latest events in the economic calendar is of great importance for each trader. Atos Markets traders are made aware of upcoming events and the likely changes in the trading market. The Atos Markets economic calendars feature information on consumer confidence index, inflation rate, trade balance, and important announcements for Great Britain, the USA, Japan, and other developed countries. Therefore, crucial financial events can be followed up through the economic calendar. The information gained here can be used to make predictions and respond accordingly to highly volatile markets.

Top Gainers and Losers Reports

Atos Markets reporting tools also feature Top Market Gainers and Losers. This tool helps to determine the top market movers. The Top Market Gainers and Losers tool can instantaneously provide varying trading instruments showing the highest gainers and the biggest losers within a specified time frame.

Earning Calendar Reports

Often, the public reports for all companies listed at stock exchanges either per quarter, six months, or yearly should be provided regularly or on an obligatory basis. The release date for such reports is mentioned in advance, and that the details of the report might have a major impact on the company’s stock prices and the amount of dividends to be disbursed. Atos Markets observes and consolidates the reports to help traders make informed choices.

Stock Dividend Dates Reporting

Stocks refer to property shares and incomes of issuing firms. Stock Contracts for Difference (CFD) are investment instruments that allow potential investors to gain profits from changes in quotations resulting from liquid stocks without necessarily owning them. Investors with a position in Equity CFDs are charged or will get dividend adjustments that match the dividend announced. Atos Markets employs its reporting tools to consolidate dividend date reporting and inform you through alerts.

Use Reporting Tools to Trade Your Way to Success

Atos Markets stands out in the market as it provides traders with market data reporting from around the globe via its trademarked platform, app, and official website. Finance professionals understand this, and they utilize Atos Markets’ free and paid services to carry out their research and enhance their trading activities. The company has many reliable resources and reporting tools used by thousands of traders to conduct skillful trading activities that often generate substantial profits.

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Some of the powerful tools available to traders include:

  • Live and easily customizable dashboards for markets of your interest and your portfolio performance
  • Real-time charts on your PC that provide you with an opportunity to watch live quotations of different currency pairs, indices, stocks, and precious metals in separate timeframes
  • Live Forex, Crypto, and CFD market analysis and updated information on the Atos Markets site to help you make sound predictions and effective trading decisions
  • Real-time quotes generator and currency converter that ensures you’re constantly updated on anything regarding the market news. This ensures you make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.