Atos Markets will help you understand your financial objectives and offer you extensive tools to reach your investing strategies and goals.

Determine Your Investing Goals

Before committing to investing your money, it's imperative to ask yourself, "What type of investor am I? When signing up for an account, our investing experts at Atos Markers will help you determine and understand the investment goals you've set for yourself and how much you're willing to invest.

Atos Markets Active investing

In this strategy, investors actively trade securities for their portfolio to beat the existing investment benchmark index over time. For instance, an investor might purchase 30 individual stocks to surpass the S&P 500.

Atos Markets Passive investing

Passive Investing seeks to match the performance of a benchmark index or market over time. With this strategy, investors don't just select individual securities because of their portfolio. Instead, Atos Markets takes them through a way of investing in benchmark-based funds that seek to evaluate the market's performance.

Atos Markets Helps Diversify and Decrease Risks

Did you ever hear that diversification is regarded that the only free lunch in investing? Atos Markets will show you how to invest in a wide array of assets. It will help lower the risk of investing in one security. Generally, diversity guarantees you decrease the risk of one investment performing poorly, thereby hurting your returns. In other words, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Build Your Investment Strategy with Atos Markets

Atos Markets also allows you to use the ‘buy and hold’ investment strategy. This is where you hold a particular asset for several years or even decades. The goal here is to generate ample profits from increasing asset prices and any form of income gained from the assets over time.

Atos Markets will work to ensure you effectively define your time horizon (this is the length of time you’re willing to invest). The length of time will vary depending on your financial objectives. For instance, someone looking to invest for retirement might have a time horizon of 20 years or more. On the contrary, another investor seeking to grow a house deposit might have a reduced time of five years.

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Create an Account with Atos Markets Today

Atos Markets imparts you with the basic tenet of investing that the higher the returns on your investment, the higher the associated risk on the investment. With the help of Atos Markets resources, we will give you a hand to determine your own ‘risk-return tradeoff.’ This way, you will be in a better position to invest your way into substantial profits and, ultimately, financial freedom.

  • React fast to opportunity: Access investment charts or watchlists in seconds to help you speed up your investment preferences. This way, you can be ready to respond promptly to customizable technical alerts and prices.
  • Take control of your Investments: Have complete control over investment execution with fast and responsive in-platform tools and charts. You can also make good use of multiple time frames for a deeper insight into the market analysis. The multiple time-frames also allow you to invest directly from charts. The part-close positions help in reducing exposure, especially in volatile markets.
  • Inform your Investing: Atos Markets in-platform news allows you to discover the latest market-moving news and research. You can also gain access to live investment updates through the Reuters feed. This feed allows you to filter stores by article type and market. You can also locate the day’s trending stocks and invest in them.
  • Join the Atos Markets Investor Community: Join thousands of traders and investors can provide you with the assistance you need to improve your investing strategies. This is often done through sharing investment knowledge, tips, and strategies.