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Deposit and Withdrawals

To deposit to Atos Markets, you must do so via a bank account, payment system, or credit or debit card. You must provide confirmation that you are the owner of the payment method and remember, payments from third parties are not allowed. When depositing with a card, for example, you are also required to provide a scan or photograph of the card. This is to ensure we, and you, are in line with AML requirements. If you do not comply with this requirement, your deposit can be rejected.
Please note that when you deposit to Atos Markets, there may be cases where the amount deposited is less than what was transferred. This can be due to the commission taken during the transaction process. Atos Markets doesn’t take a commission, but it can be charged by banks or third-party payment providers.

‍ To be in line with AML requirements, withdrawals must be made through the same credit or debit card, bank account, or payment system. It should also be made in the same currency. On some occasions, Atos Markets may authorize withdrawals to different facilities than those used for a deposit but this is assessed on a case by case basis and requires the presence of additional documents.

There may be occasions when you incur fees for withdrawals from your bank, card, or payment processor. Atos Markets does not charge any commission for withdrawals.

The withdrawal process is as follows:
1. Log into your account.
2. Open the internal transfer tab.
3. Click withdraw funds from the trading account.
4. Once the internal transfer is complete, you can apply to withdraw to your card, bank, or payment provider.

Typically a withdrawal takes five business days from the moment Atos Markets accepts the request. Atos Markets is not liable for any delays caused by a third-party such as a bank, card provider, or payment provider.

Withdrawals to Visa, Mastercard, China Union Pay, etc can typically be executed within 1-2 days, but payments can take a maximum of six days to clear.

Platform Usage

This refers to the cryptocurrency, stock, commodity, currency, or indice that you will be trading or investing in. For example, if you want to trade in dollars or gold, the USD and gold are the ‘underlying asset’. Some trades mean you purchase the asset, others mean you merely speculate on price movements over a set period.

You will notice that rates and information relating to rates are often highlighted in green or red. This is an easy way for you to see what is increasing and what is decreasing. Red means the value is falling, green means it is going up!

The time shown on Atos Market’s platform is set to GMT+0 and is synchronized with the market time.


‍Via the Atos Markets platform, you can find a detailed list of all the assets you can trade. This includes a description, expiry times, applicable symbols, and the trading hours.

No! You don’t need to download anything at all. Atos Markets is a web-based trading platform. This means you can log into your account from anywhere, on any device without having to install an application. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go.

Yes! But for the best website performance and to make sure updates happen in real-time, it's advisable to use a regular internet connection.


You can open an account in USD, EUR or BTC. Once that account is open, you cannot change it. You also cannot withdraw in a different currency than the one you deposited with.

No! You don’t need to provide any credit or debit card information or even your bank account information at the registration stage. You can set up your account and then decide which kind of account you want to start trading with. A deposit will have to be made before you can commence trading.

Atos Markets takes stringent measures to protect both you and us from cybercrime. Your security and the integrity of your data are of paramount importance to us. That’s why we use the internationally accepted gold standard in security; the Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. This encrypts all payments and personal details over the internet. It’s an automatic system and your browser will notify you if it doesn’t support it.

Atos Markets is not responsible for traders’ tax liabilities. It is the responsibility of each trader to ensure they are compliant with the fiscal laws that apply to them in their place of residence.


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